What is ZadFresh:

Is an electronic platform to service the purchase and delivery of online products. You can buy thousands of different products and food items in one place in Saudi Arabia. You can shop through  ZadFresh website and buy your needs from the supermarket or grocery store and choose your preferred payment method, either cash or credit card. In addition to providing the right delivery time for you, quickly and easily. We also provide express delivery service to reach your order within 60 minutes only

Will my information be private and secure?

Certainly. We use your information only to perform the services you have requested from the App, to improve and customize the service to you, and to inform you of offers and discounts on products. No information is given to any third party unless you expressly consent to it. Refer to the Security and Privacy Policy for more details

What payment methods are available?

Through secure online payment by credit card from Visa or Master Card. Or cash on delivery.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order by entering the home page and clicking on the "Orders" icon. You'll be able to see previous and current orders and their status.

What happens to the shopping cart if you leave the App before complete the purchase?

If you have an account with us all the products in the shopping cart will be saved. When you log in again you can start where you finished the previous time and complete the purchases

Minimum Order:

50 Riyals.

How do I order my purchases?

The order process is very easy, all you have to do is follow these steps

  • Log in to ZadFresh  application
  • Select your location
  • Choose the category to order (Grocery - Supermarket)
  • Browse products through the list of main sections from the top of the page When you show your products you can see the product picture, size, price, and the producing company. If you wish to add the product to the shopping basket, all you have to do is enter the product with the cursor and you will see the icon "Add to Cart", click on the icon to add the product. After adding the product to the basket you can add or reduce the number of units purchased by pressing the "+" or "-" icon. Do not forget to add the product to your favorites by pressing the heart marker. If you want to see product images more clearly or read the contents and nutritional value of the product, you can press the magnifier to browse the product more clearly. After you've added the products you want to buy, you can click on the shopping cart menu at the bottom of the page where you will see your purchases
  • Then click the "Accounting" icon.
  • Select delivery time and payment method If you ordered from  grocery  will be delivered within an hour of the order time. If the order is in the supermarket category, a scheduled delivery time  is selected from 10 am to midnight.
  • You will receive a confirmation email or mobile text
Note: If you do not find the email in your inbox, you can check your spam messages for confirmation. If it is there, please move it to the inbox so that it reaches you directly on the inbox in the next few times

How can I benefit from offers and discounts on the App ?

You can view all items that are discounted or have special offers at the bottom of the Home page. If any of these products are in your shopping basket, the discounted price or the offer will be automatically calculated at the time of purchase if the offer is valid Note: Discounts and offers are changed weekly and therefore to have the discounted price or offer, the purchase and delivery must be made during the offer period

What if the item you ordered is not available?

We apologize if the product is not available at the time of the order process, we try our best to have sufficient quantities of products we offer on the App. You will be contacted to suggest an alternative product similar to the requested product , if you approved, we will replaced by the product not available. If you do not like the alternative product, the product amount will be deducted from the invoice and returned to your account. Products will be available again at the App within seven days unless the supply of the product is stopped for reasons of the company or reasons beyond our control

How do I search for items and products?

There is more than one way to search for items and products

  • Categories: There is a list of main sections from the top of the page that contain sub-sections under which all categories found. When you click any of these main sections, the list of sub-sections goes out. After clicking any of these sub-sections you will see all the products listed in this section.
  • Search feature: You can simply search for  item through the search field at the top of the page either by typing the name of the product or the name of the manufacturer and clicking on the search icon
  • Using "previously purchased items
  • Use the "Favorites" feature

Can I update the delivery address?

After ordering from the App and during the completion of the purchase you can choose our previously registered delivery location or create a new address by clicking on "Create new address" icon. After selecting the new address we will save your new location to be listed at the next purchase besides other locations.

Is the grocery delivery service available in my area?

Upon registration, the application will request to determine your current location and when the order is approved by you, ZadFresh App will automatically inform you whether the area is covered or not

Delivery service available in my area?

Upon registration, the site will request to determine your current location. When selecting, the site will automatically inform you whether the area is covered. If the area is not activated within the coverage then your information can be collected to be notified when the delivery service is active in your area. Leaving your information will make it easier for us to find out which areas need service and therefore to place the area in our priorities

ZadFresh Working hours

We work weekdays from 10 am to midnight

How do you register?

Before you can use the application, or our services you must first register to create an account. Follow the following steps

  • Choose the connection area
  • Select products
  • Choose the delivery time and payment method

What are Visa payment steps?

When you fill in your credit card information and add it to your account, we will take  1 riyal to check and register your card. After you make the first purchase, we do not withdraw the amount of the purchases unless  they have been completed and then withdraw the total amount of purchases which may be different from the total price (less or more) upon completion of the purchase on the App. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Special orders (add product not available): Since the product is not available within the products offered, or the price is also unknown to us, the price is added after searching for it and add it to the total purchase invoice.
  • Additional products ordered after completion of the purchase are added to the current purchase invoice and therefore the total invoice is different.
  • Alternative products: When the required product is not available , appropriate alternatives are chosen according to the customer's request, which may differ in price from the product required (less or more). These alternatives are explained at the end of the invoice sent by   e-mail.
  • Products that are not available : When the product is not available , there are no alternatives or you have chosen not to provide alternatives, the amount of the product is deducted from the invoice and therefore the total amount of the invoice may change.